Tuesday, March 11, 2014

April 2014

Ladies First is headed to yet another place from Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives.  
California Tacos and More is our next stop for April 1st. 

Contact Andrea for carpool or plan to meet inside of CT at 6:30.

Picture Update

We seem to be lacking in our pictures lately!  Ladies, we need to change this! 

Here are a few from a few previous months to enjoy~

 November - Vine Street Cellars and more..

December - Black Dress Night -360 Steakhouse

March - Heat the Streets 5K {Amber was the only one to brave the cold temps!}
and breakfast at Dixie Quicks

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Roller Derby Recap

What a time we had at the February Roller Derby!  Cowbells, autographs, t-shirts, grenades, screaming, cheering....Even though Omaha lost, we still had a great time watching the action!


Looking forward to the 5K Run/ 1 M Walk in March!  If you don't feel up to the Run/ Walk please come cheer us on (bring the cowbells back again Misty!!) and join us for breakfast after.  

The link to sign up or more info can be found here!

Monday, January 27, 2014

March - Heat The Streets

March 1st will be the Heat the Streets 5k at Midtown Crossing in Omaha.  Its a benefit to raise money for energy assistance in the area.  
Not ready for a 5K?  There is a 1mile option (be careful when you register to choose the right race.  5k is $35 and 1mi is $25).  The entire race entry fee is tax deductible.  
Be sure to register under the team name "Ladies First".  The 5K starts at 9am and the 1 mile starts at 9:30.  I've even heard they'll be taking team pictures!  Packet Pickup is at Lifetime Fitness at Midtown Crossing on Friday from 4-7pm or Saturday starting at 7am.  Following the race we can head to a restaurant for breakfast!  If you are not up for either one, feel free to come cheer us on and meet up with us after!
Race website for information
Registration website
We will offer the carpool option for this event also - meet at Vine St at 7:45am.  Please let Andrea know if you can attend and if you'll be carpooling.
Lace up your running shoes!

February - Omaha Roller Girls

Anyone else over this winter already and ready for a change....a little spice?  We've decided to spice things up with our February meeting by attending an Omaha Rollergirls Rollerderby game!  Their home opener is at the Mid-America Center in CB on Saturday, Feb 1st.  Tickets are $12 at the door night of the show, parking is free, show starts at 7p and doors open at 6p.  For those who wish to carpool, we will meet at Vine Street at 6p and since its a Saturday night, go ahead and throw out options for dinner/drinks/appetizers afterward.  Please let Andrea know if you plan on going and whether or not you'll be carpooling.
Omaha Rollergirls website

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

February 2014

One of our ladies suggested going to watch the Omaha Roller Girls Roller Derby so that is where we are off to next month. Feb 1 is the ORG's season opener. This is held at the MAC and starts at 7.  Tickets are around $12.

Details are still being finalized but looking forward to a fun time. I'm sure we will have a little stop before or after so stay tuned for details!

A great start to the new year!

Even though we had some crazy cold temps,  about ten of us got together to celebrate the first day of 2014. It was nice to see some old faces as well as well! 

Unfortunately, we didn't get a picture this time! 

Hope to see you again in February!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Happy New Year- 2014!

Join us on New Year's Day 2014 at El Portal at 6:30.

New Year's Day and Margarita Wednesday?! What could be better?

Saturday, November 2, 2013

December "Black Dress Party"

So excited for our third "Black Dress Party" 

We will have 6:30 reservations for the 360 Steakhouse

Book your spray tan, make an appointment for fake eyelashes, shop the clearance racks....whatever it is you have to do but get yourself ready for a fantastic night!

We must have confirmation if you are going for our reservation by Wed. November 27th. 

Also, if you would like to borrow a dress- be sure to email Amber and we will find one in your size from one of us!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


November plans are made for a night at Vine Street Cellars.  Join us anytime after 6:30.


Keeping it nice and easy is always the goal before "Our Big December Little Back Dress Night".  Start your dress shopping now and be ready for another fantastically beautiful night!

Watchin your black dress hit the floor.....

Saturday, September 7, 2013


October fun will be had at The Old Mattress Factory .  Meet up at 6:15 for the car pool or show up at 6:45 to eat!


Blue Sushi

The holiday weekend kept several of you busy but the three of us had a great time at Blue.  We traded in fried catfish fritters for some sushi closer to home.  It was a great evening of chatting with adults!  Unfortunately, the file for the super cute picture of the three of us is corrupted and won't open properly :(

Hope to see you in October!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

September 2013

We will be headed to the Surfside Club in Omaha for September.

Plan to meet for carpool at 6:00 if needed.

Surfside @ 6:30 for dinner and fun!

Bike Night

We did it and I was so proud of us!  We started off in a light rain that picked up a bit as we headed back but had a GREAT time!  I think we all had so much fun!  ON YOUR LEFT!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2013

We had a great experience at The Gridiron Garage last night.  The food was excellent and there were some unique items on the menu vs. regular ol' sports bar food.  Many people were raving about the delicious martini's as well.

We are now on to planning out the details for the Taco Ride Aug 1st.  Stay tuned for an email on that!

Suggestions for September, October, and November are now being accepted as well.  We have already heard a few good ideas!

Thursday, June 27, 2013

July Info

Due to my computer being down for a while, I haven't been able to update with the Favorite Things info that everyone sent in.  I will get to that soon though.

July is going to be a fun one as we support some new local dining. 
The Gridiron Garage will unveil their full menu on July 1st and who better to try it out?  We will meet up at 6:30.  If you haven't liked their page yet on facebook- please do so!  Click here to go right to it!

Also- according to our mini survey..many of you are interested in riding / attending the Taco Ride for August.  Some of you want to ride your bikes, some want to help drive, and some just want to meet there.  Anything works!

Here is a little info on the ride:

The name "Taco Ride" has become synonymous on Thursday nights with the Wabash Trace Nature Trail and the 10-mile stretch between the trail head in Council Bluff, Iowa and Mineola, Iowa. For many, the Thursday night ride is a scenic trek through the Loess Hills ending with dinner at the Mineola Steakhouse. For others, the Taco Ride is a social event filled with cycling, scenery and a festive, party atmosphere. Everyone agrees that Thursday on the Wabash is something special.

Check out tacoride.com for more info

Now...go get your bikes ready to roll!

Sunday, June 2, 2013

So Many Favorites!!!

Recap Part 1-

We had a super fabulous time last night at our 2nd Annual Favorite Things Party!  Thank you so much to Melissa for hosting us once again at her beautiful home/ outdoor area.

Thanks again to Canvas & Cabernet  for donating one of our wonderful door prizes and Amy at Chocolate Sundae Designs for our invite.

The take home bags and door prize section were set up and waiting for our guests to arrive.  Each bag had scratch paper, pen, favorites quiz, and a  Ladies First feedback form.  The ladies used these bags to take their new favorites home in!

In addition to the painting class, other prizes were:  a 4 piece bake set, a wine cork trivet, and chalkboard blocks or wine glasses to decorate.
Everyone brought a yummy dessert or side to share and several recipes were requested.  These will be posted soon!  Melissa had hot drinks out for us as well this year in case anyone wanted coco etc.  This was such a change from last year when it was 100 degrees! 

THE FAVORITES TABLE!!!  So many great goodies!   There is a jar in the middle to draw a little strip of paper out of.  Each strip was folded into fourths.  After writing your name on all four sections you cut them apart and dropped three in for favorite things and one for the door prize. 

We spent some time chatting and eating some yummy food before getting started.

Melissa's husband stopped by to add some baby coy fish he had just purchased.

We also played a little "Guess Who Favorites Game".  I looked for a game that was different that what we played last year, but wasn't having much luck.   So, I just kind of made up one for this year.  Each bag for the ladies had a sheet with five favorites - Favorite car they have owned, favorite job they have held, favorite vacation spot they have traveled to, favorite room in their house, and favorite thing to do with an hour of free time. 

I collected all the sheets and read them off one at a time as people tried to guess which one went with who.  Laura was the winner with 8 correct answers!  She won her choice off of the door prize table! 

The game was more fun than I thought.  It made us laugh several times and we learned a bit about each other.  It was fun to hear some of the favorite cars or jobs we have had and trying to figure out who was who!   (bartender in a fried chicken place, beer cart girl on a golf course, department store sales, clerk in a music store, vet tech???)

Then the highlight of the night began!  Each lady stood up to tell us about her products, why she picked them as her favorites, where you can get it , and how much it costs if you had multiple items getting you to your $10. 

(more product descriptions coming on a later post)

Allison started us off with Hillbilly Pedicures!

Andrea sharing her uses for coconut oil and her love of Pinterest projects.

Melissa having a laugh as she was telling us about her lip balm and nail polish favorites.

It was so fun to see everyone getting so excited as names were drawn from the box for each product!  There was crafty stuff, cooking stuff, and fitness stuff.....sometimes you were hoping it wasn't you that was called because then you would have to craft, cook, or exercise  :)  

Laura was excited to pick out one of Melissa's favorites.

Tisha sharing about her favorite coffee.

Marcy brought silicone lids for your dishes.

Amber and her chalk markers and chalkboard spray paint. 

Julie sharing about the hair shampoo she loves.

One of Becca's favorite places is Orange Leaf and she added in a box of speciality chocolates.

Dara shares about her laces, Cliff Bar,and Gu energy.

Laura brought Burt's Bees lip balm and Godiva chocolates.

Krystal telling us about her favorite from The Body Shop as well as Burt's Bees lip balm.

Since Julie had to leave early, Laura told about the Black Raspberry Vanilla body spray that she had brought.

Then evening ended with smore's around the firepit.  Such a great ending to a great night!
Stay tuned for more product info and recipes! 

Thursday, May 30, 2013

Favorite Things Goodies!

Our "Favorite Things" Party is only a few days away!  After several days of rain and storms, the weather is looking good!  It's not hard to beat the heat that we had last year for the party however!

This year, in addition to taking home three new favorite things you can also win a fabulous door prize!  One of our prizes has generously been donated by Village Canvas & Cabernet.  The winner will go home with a free session!

Their website says:  
"Village Canvas and Cabernet is Omaha’s “paint and sip” art gallery, similar to shops found in many large cities; created and locally owned/operated by partner owners of the Hot Shops Art Center.
No art experience is needed, whatsoever, to attend a paint party and have a great time! The emphasis is on fun and creative exploration. It’s a great place to gather with friends, enjoy a glass of wine or beer and discover the creativity within ALL of us through art-as-entertainment paint sessions.

You will follow a guiding artist’s step-by-step instructions, surrounded by great local art and inspiration, and paint your own 16 x 20 canvas masterpiece. The paint party is a trendy friends’ or couples’ night out, a great place for networking groups, date night, girls night out, corporate teambuilding or any special event, and a way to meet fun people in one of Omaha’s hottest areas–AkSarBen Village."

Check out their June calendar here.   Thank you so much Village Canvas and Cabernet!!!

Thursday, May 2, 2013


June is our Favorite Things month!

I hope you will be able to attend our Favorite Things Party this year! We had such a great time last year and are looking forward to more fun this year.

Please RSVP to Amber by May 25th if you are planning to attend.

Click here to read about our party last year and see some pics of the fun

This year we are planning on you bringing 3 of your one favorite thing (unwrapped and around $10), as well as a side dish or dessert.  Hot dogs, smore's, plates, etc. provided.   If you want something special to drink as well~ bring that along!

Looking forward to another fun night relaxing on the patio by the pool!

Blue Planet

Even though there was ice and rain coming down and Blue Planet stopped serving soup and wine....we still had a good time.  A little run across the street after to Jones Bros. Cupcakes made the night a little better!